What we do


The team at Menopause Wellbeing provides a wide range of education and training events to medical professionals, organisations and women. Events are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, providing evidence-based information in a professional, accessible format.


Menopause events for women

Our events for women are informative, interactive sessions which we run online and in-person. The events empower women through evidence-based advice, support and information. We provide a friendly, understanding environment in which women can learn about the menopause and ask questions of a specialist.

Menopause training for professionals

We provide specialist menopause training for a range of medical professionals, including GPs, nurses and pharmacists. The training can be tailored to cover a variety of topics as required, e.g. menopause information, myth-busting, diagnosis and prescribing. These sessions can be run online or in-person.

Menopause education events for organisations

Our menopause events for organisations are designed to inform managers and employees about the menopause in order that they may better support their staff and each other. We provide information and advice that can be practically applied to the workplace. These events can be online or in-person and are informative, interactive sessions.



In addition to our event content, we can provide:

  • Pre-course materials
  • Post-course materials
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Signposting