Video consultations

Menopause Wellbeing is delighted to be able to offer you a Video Consultation, enabling us to continue to provide a high quality, personalised service to our patients whilst preventing you from being placed at increased risk of transmission of the Coronavirus.


Many healthcare services offer video consultations and we will monitor feedback to assess whether this will be part of our package in the future, after the pandemic.


Your video consultation will take place as a fully-integrated part of our clinical notes system, Write Upp and uses a one-time, secure connection, offering you and your Menopause Wellbeing clinician control and protection.


What do I need for my video consultation?

Before your consultation, you will need a device with a webcam to be able to attend a video consultation. It can be any device with both an internet connection and a webcam, like a laptop, PC, tablet or even a mobile phone. You'll also need to make sure you're using the most up to date version of your chosen browser, as the video consultation platform will only support the most up to date and 2 previous versions of a browser. For example, if the most up to date version of Google Chrome is 81, versions 79, 80 and 81 will be supported.


You'll also need a stable internet connection, we'd recommend a speed of more than 10mbps for the best possible experience. An internet speed of less than 10mbps might lead to poor quality video and sound during your consultation.


How do I join my video consultation?

After booking, you will receive a confirmation letter for your appointment, which will contain a video link. Please check you are set up for your consultation from an IT perspective in advice of the day (as above).


On the day, a few minutes before the scheduled time, just click on the link and you'll be taken directly to the online 'waiting room' to wait for your clinician to initiate the session.


Once in the ‘waiting room’ you will be able to click on the ‘I’m ready’ tab to inform your Menopause Wellbeing clinician that you are ready to start. Please note: Your online room is only available 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment start time.


How will my Menopause Wellbeing Doctor see and hear me?

Once the clinician starts the call, you will need to allow access to your microphone and camera. Without this access, the clinician won't be able to see or hear you. You'll see a pop up on your screen asking for access when the call is started.


How long will my video consultation last?

For initial (new patient) video consultations, a consultation is expected to last up to 60 minutes so you should plan for this in your schedule.

For review (follow up) video consultations, your appointment will last up to 35 minutes.


How will I end the video call at the end of my consultation?

As you can see, you do have the ability to end the call, however, the clinician will be asked to confirm this. Due to the nature of the connection, once the call has been ended, it can't be reconnected. If you choose to end the call, you'll see these options:  


Can I re-start my video consultation once it has ended?


As each link is a secure one-time link specific to one appointment only, if you have multiple video consultations with a clinician, you'll be provided with a different link for each one. You won't be able to use an old link for a new appointment. If this happens accidentally or you lose connection and it can’t be re-gained, your Menopause Wellbeing clinician will ring you on the phone number you have provided to complete the consultation.


What if the wifi connection is lost?

Please see further instructions via this WriteUpp help page:

However, if you are unable to refresh/re-start your video consultation, please just have your phone handy and your Menopause Wellbeing clinician will ring you and complete the consultation via telephone. At least you will have ‘met’ visually for part of the consultation!


How secure is my video consultation with Menopause Wellbeing?

WriteUpp's integrated video consultation platform is designed to provide a simple, secure way of conducting video calls.

It uses WebRTC technology, which is built into most modern browsers. This allows real time media communication between browsers and allows those communications to take place using webpages. For both you and your Menopause Wellbeing clinician this means there's no software to download, nothing to log into, and you don't need to share any external credentials, like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime information.

Video consultations are end to end encrypted, with a direct connection made between the two participants.

When both you and your doctor have joined the online "room" created for your session, the browsers you are using connect directly to each other. WriteUpp simply "introduces" you to each other by facilitating the connection. Once you're connected, any data exchanged is not seen or saved by WriteUpp.

WriteUpp do not retain any copies of the content of your video sessions, and such content is not stored anywhere on their servers.  WriteUpp will be informed of any errors resulting from the video portal, but this will not contain any information on the content of the session with your clinician. It simply allows WriteUpp to make sure the platform is working as expected and to make it as robust as possible for you and your doctor.

Menopause Wellbeing recommends that you read the help sheet for video consultations before the day of your video consultation: