"I can’t thank Menopause Wellbeing enough.  Once we went into lockdown, I though that my chances of a consultation were lost so I was thrilled to be offered an online consultation.  Being menopausal and anxious, I was very nervous leading up the consultation but the doctor put me at ease straight away and I was talking and sharing in no time.  She was so knowledgeable and even as someone who has read a lot about menopause and treatments, I learned so much in that hour.   The consultation and suggestions felt totally bespoke, based on prior information shared  before the session and what I shared as we chatted.  What I loved was the support for simple lifestyle changes, too, the holistic approach teamed with medication was perfect for me.

I honestly doubted whether things could be improved for me but I came away with a plan that I am thrilled with.  I am on a new improved journey and feel empowered and positive.  Thank you!"

"I was diagnosed as being in perimenopause after 2 years of many symptoms including severe night sweats, nausea, dizziness and insomnia (but to name a few). I hit a brick wall with the doctors that I was seeing who, were not taking how much I was suffering seriously and decided to book an appointment with Menopause Wellbeing. This is the best decision I have ever made! I have never felt more listened to, understood and cared for by a doctor. An holistic care plan was created for me that was incredibly thorough and provided such a high level of quality care and I left my first appointment feeling incredibly positive. Furthermore, the doctor also took into great consideration that I suffer with multiple sclerosis and the impact of perimenopause on my overall  health and well-being. I can highly recommend this service and wish that I had accessed this service sooner. I now feel safe and supported during my menopause journey thanks to the care of Menopause Wellbeing."

"I'm so glad I came to see you. It was such a relief to talk to someone properly who’s knowledgeable about women’s health and the menopause and the things you recommended all sound good. I really appreciate the time you took to talk things through and you were very caring and really listened and they’re lovely qualities to see in a doctor. I feel very vulnerable especially talking about anxiety etc but you were very easy to talk to; that makes a big difference."

"Just to let you know my new HRT seems to be working fine, I am sleeping well and less anxious. Thank you for your kind help."

"I'm absolutely delighted with everything. I've started to take my HRT now, no side effects and already I'm feeling so much better. Massive thanks"

"It was perfectly wonderful and Jane is so full of empathy. It was a pleasure to be listened to."

"I had to travel up from Wolverhampton as this was the closest clinic I could find and it was well worth it - and I wouldn’t think twice about attending the clinic again. The care and attention I received has really helped me understand what’s going on. Thank you so much."

"Dr Wilkinson is very professional, knowledgeable and totally understanding of the menopause’s debilitating symptoms. I have already and will continue to recommend her to family, friends and colleagues"

"I was very satisfied with the attention and with the advice - much more detailed assessment than I have received elsewhere in the health service and has helped with alleviating symptoms. Well worth the charge and the travel time."